Our Land

The community owns several parcels of land near Kinghorn Loch.

The Eco Cemetery itself is a field just to the east of Kinghorn Loch. This community-owned area includes a community garden and a community orchard, both of which are managed by The Ecology Centre.

Today the Burnside Path is very different from what it was in the past when, as the name implies, it ran along the burn’s bank sporting a profusion of wildflowers. Later, much of the burn was culverted and hidden from view and houses were built along its route. In 2021-22 the present path changed again owing to the installation of a hard-surfaced pathway from the eastern end of the path and leading off northwards to the new houses in Willow Crescent and beyond.

The community owns two sections of land at the eastern end of the path (see map). Environmental audits showed that these were rich in flora and fauna. Despite KCLA’s best efforts, the new footpath has inevitably impacted on these; we are working to help the area recover. At the western end of the path, the community owns the rectangular area of ground (see map) beyond the bridge on the B923.

All of these four plots were bought with funding from the Scottish Land Fund and the Kinghorn Common Good Fund. A fifth plot, adjoining the Eco Cemetery to the north of Oak Street, was bought for the community in 2022, using funds raised directly from local people. This area is being landscaped as a Memorial Garden adjoining the Eco Cemetery.

Map of our land

This map shows all five plots of land owned by KCLA on behalf of the community.

You can download the map here.