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It helps everyone to keep in touch and it shows your support for KCLA’s work on behalf of the community.

Fill out the quick form below to apply.

Membership Statement

I apply to become an Ordinary Member of Kinghorn Community Land Association (KCLA). I agree to support the Objects and accept the Articles and guarantee obligations (limited to £1) in the Memorandum and Articles of Association, available from the Company Secretary or Kinghorn Library.

I am 18 years of age or more, ordinarily reside and am eligible to vote at a polling station within Kinghorn Community.

We use your data to provide membership services, including MailChimp newsletters and communications regarding relevant events.  Members also have the right to vote at our Annual General Meetings (AGM).

The data we ask for when becoming a member includes:-

  • First name, last name, postal address, category of membership, date of joining and leaving, telephone number and email address.

This data is held in a password protected Access database file and can only be accessed by authorised staff members.  Email addresses are also held on our MailChimp account to enable us to circulate newsletter to contacts.

We can update or delete your data on request or on termination of membership. You can change your mind about being a member at any time by emailing

A person eligible to vote at a polling station within Kinghorn Community becomes a full member

Download membership form pdf file

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