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Plots and Plans

Plot K2

We plan to develop this area into a community woodland multi faith cemetery. This will help alleviate the shortage of burial spaces locally and would be a unique amenity in the area. It is hoped the area would accommodate eco-burial, a memorial garden, a defined location for scattering ashes and the creation of a space with seating.

Plot K1

Plot K1 was purchased from the Administrators by The Ecology Centre  in July 2014, on behalf of the community. The partnership with KCLA, over the years, has been instrumental in this achievement.

Plots K4 and K5

KCLA has been exploring the possibility of establishing a green corridor linking Kinghorn to the Loch and including a community orchard, growing space, garden, wildlife area and recreation space.

This will regenerate the unused land, encourage exercise, outdoor activity, promote local food production and sense of community. We are currently working with a landscape designer to come up with initial proposals and hope to have your input into these plans in the near future.

As well as involving community volunteers the project will also bring together groups such as Kinghorn primary school, the Ecology Centre and Kinghorn in Bloom.

Help Shape What Happens Next

The KCLA Committee is a small team, which has worked hard to get to this stage, with great community support. By buying this land we are moving to an entirely new phase. This is very exciting and it is what KCLA set out to do when we first started, but we also need your help.

We need people to come forward, to volunteer skills, knowledge and enthusiasm. Pass on your details now and let us know how you are willing to contribute to these exciting projects.

A. Email:

B. In writing: Drop a note off at the Community Centre.

C. Or visit our new Facebook page!

Thanks for your time and best wishes,

Richard Brewster (Chairman) on behalf of KCLA.