Richard has been involved with KCLA as Chair and Company Secretary since 2005 and has seen the organisation evolve from registering land under the community right to buy legislation, to completing a community land buy out to starting to make the plans for the land a reality. In his professional life Richard manages national development programmes in the NHS and enjoys singing, cycling and spending time with his family.


Simon is our Treasurer and supports the committee by providing updates on all the finance and funding for the proposed eco-cemetery and columbarium.


Karen Dundas signed up for KCLA membership in the early days and then became a committee member just prior to the community land buy out. Since then she has helped to create some exciting plans for future use of land purchased on behalf of Kinghorn community, and is now involved in a quest to bring these ideas to life. During her day job Karen can generally be found up a scaffold somewhere in Scotland working as a freelance mural paintings conservator/restorer.


As a long-time resident (also with family roots) in Kinghorn, I was concerned about the Ecology Centre when its future was threatened and so went to a well-attended meeting in the Community Centre to consider action. As a result, I became involved in setting up the Kinghorn Community Land Association and served on the committee for several years, helping to register community interest in 19 areas around the Loch. Since then, the community has acquired 5 areas.* At the AGM in March 2019 I volunteered to rejoin the committee to help to bring about the community-owned eco cemetery.


Peter Lindow is a very active resident of Kinghorn. He works tirelessly for the local community and is dedicated to the success of the Eco Cemetery together with the other activities of KCLA.


John has been a committed member of the Kinghorn community and is using his expertise with respect to the construction industry to assist in the successful outcome of the Eco Cemetery and the continued success of KCLA


Tony is a co-opted member of the committee as he is an Associate Member. However, as Chair of The Ecology Centre he has worked closely with KCLA since its formation. As KCLA was instrumental in assisting The Ecology Centre, Tony feels that the aims of both organisations are intertwined and close to the heart of the community that is Kinghorn and he wants to assist in all ways possible.

Jen Robertson

Jen is the latest addition to the team, she is employed by KCLA as Project Officer  and is tasked with raising awareness of the proposed eco-cemetery and columbarium.

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